Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blog Debating

For the past several months, I have been looking up blogs on Kent Hovind on debating other bloggers about his views on creationism/evolution and his IRS trial and conviction.

There were few bloggers that I found were intellectual in their debating such as Sprittibee, whom I occasionaly check her posts from time to time, and Mike Janitch.

But there are others who have no sense on how to debate. Julia took several weeks to respond to my first comment and it has been several more since my proof of Hovind's errors.

Then there is Fighting For The Truth, who said I was getting into a spitting contest and Color Of My Mind, neither have been updated.

There is Daily Creationism which still dormant after a month and half, probably because he does not want to get into a debate.

There was The Sheep Dog which can confused me if this person was convinced by the opposing arguments or if this was satire.

The Northern Chroncles originally posted my comment on Hovind's video, then he deleted it and then you could not post a comment. I asked him if he thought he was Christian to delete my comment. He never posted that comment but he did allow comments on moderation. Like the others it has not been updated recently.

And finally, there is Amazing Six whose blog on Kent Hovind was deleted after I informed her that Hovind was on trial for tax evasion.

Overall, it has been good way for me to inform about Hovind's lies. Unfortunately, there are people who do not want accept the truth and will continue to live blindly all in the name of God