Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blog Debating

For the past several months, I have been looking up blogs on Kent Hovind on debating other bloggers about his views on creationism/evolution and his IRS trial and conviction.

There were few bloggers that I found were intellectual in their debating such as Sprittibee, whom I occasionaly check her posts from time to time, and Mike Janitch.

But there are others who have no sense on how to debate. Julia took several weeks to respond to my first comment and it has been several more since my proof of Hovind's errors.

Then there is Fighting For The Truth, who said I was getting into a spitting contest and Color Of My Mind, neither have been updated.

There is Daily Creationism which still dormant after a month and half, probably because he does not want to get into a debate.

There was The Sheep Dog which can confused me if this person was convinced by the opposing arguments or if this was satire.

The Northern Chroncles originally posted my comment on Hovind's video, then he deleted it and then you could not post a comment. I asked him if he thought he was Christian to delete my comment. He never posted that comment but he did allow comments on moderation. Like the others it has not been updated recently.

And finally, there is Amazing Six whose blog on Kent Hovind was deleted after I informed her that Hovind was on trial for tax evasion.

Overall, it has been good way for me to inform about Hovind's lies. Unfortunately, there are people who do not want accept the truth and will continue to live blindly all in the name of God


Tarzan said...

So again I say to Corey,
The true fact remains that this argument is pointless because of what the Bible says that the things of the spiritual world of God are like nonsense to the unbeliever, because they can not understand them, they lack the knowledge, wisdom and the ability to understand.

I do not deny that Kent Hovind has a major IRS problem, but I also know that no one is perfect. If we were all perfect why would we need God? God sent his son to seek and save the lost, which is everyone. If we are guilty of one of the Ten Commandments we are guilty of them all. I believe that the theories of Kent Hovind are plausible. Just because someone has a personal problem does not discredit everything about his life.

My reference to "were you there" is slothful? How is that weak, I was merely stating a fact that no one was around when the world began. Until the science community actually proves evolution, the big bang or any other theory as a fact, which they won't. I will continue submitting to God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason we will never find scientific theories as fact is because God wants a level of Faith on our part.

Hebrews 11:1 1Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.
 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

This is a response to the commet left by you on my blog.

Corey said...

That's another thing that bugs me. It took several months before Tarzan made a comment.

Sable Chicken said...


Free Grace Ministries said...

I came across your site on my friend Rhett's site. And then I read your statement at the topic of your blog. Conservative Christians differ on young earth creation, or old earth creation. I am a young earth, because I believe in a sovereign God that he could creat something that appeared much older...He created a man who had been living for only a second and he was a full grown male. We do believe homosexuality and witchcraft are evil, but not all believe that birth control is evil..I don't. And also, only stupid people believe guys like Benny Hinn and others who say bogus things because those people never even have looked in their bible once, they just here a guy say God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Paul, or some book of the bible and think they are speaking the truth. Please do not lump all people who claim to be Christians all in one category...That is not a correct assumption and people are leaving Christianity because they were never Christian to begin with. I suggest you read Lee Stroebels work, The Case for the Creator...he was a convinced atheist until he started researching a case in a school about intelligent design, and then led to the writing of this book...Just to say...he is no longer an atheist...People are leaving atheism and other religions to come to Christ as well...Something you failed to mention on your little blog statement because you have a bias against Christianity. If you don't believe..then ok...but know what you are talking about first.

Rhett said...

Thanks for your input on my Blog.

Just for the record:

I don't "follow" Hovind. The only thing I blindly followed was my father's Atheism and love for the theory of evolution.

There are MANY things Hovind and I would disagree about, especially in the area of theology.

Some of his stuff was helpful toward the beginning of my Christian experience, but I'm nowhere near his biggest fan.


Staci said...

Are you a saved Christian? Sounds to me like you were saved as a child. Yes?

Perhaps educated out of common sense regarding the bible, creation, and the TRUTH??

Corey said...

Uh, no, I was never "saved" as a child.

I was educated to common sense regarding the TRUTH.

Staci said...

Please read my blog regarding SALVATION, left hand column, BIG RED PRINT.

I will pray that you locate a bible, pray something like "God, if you are real, show me something in this book" and then READ the book of John.

Praying for your salvation :)


Corey said...

And I pray for you to stop following a false teacher and get educated about the truth.

Staci said...

When you pray..what or who do you pray to???
If you don't believe in creation, how do you believe in God?
WHO is your final authority?? Your God? Darwin? Yourself?

Just a thought.


Corey said...

It is not a necessary requirement to believe in creationism to believe in God.

Can I not say God used evolution to create life?

Staci said...

You can say that. But that's not what God said.

Read the bible.