Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kent Hovind's Dinosaurs and The Bible

As promised on CSEblogs,

Here is Kent Hovind's Dinosaurs And The Bible (two and half hours) long:

And Extant Dodo's Critical Analysis:

One of the funny things he says is that grizzly bears lived in Florida and that horses and zebras had a common ancestor (evoluton).


Jeremy said...

"...horses and zebras had a common ancestor (evolution)."
Um... This is called micro-evolution. Different species within an obvious categorization such as horses. The same is true for animals such as dogs- the Great Dane and the Chihuahua probably had a common ancestor... and it was a dog. Both have characteristics of dogs, but in drastically different proportions. This is different than saying that both tigers and banana trees evolved from some fish.

Corey said...

It is obvious by your comment that do not understand how evolution works.

A dog and a horse are both mammals, they have a common ancestor that was a mammal. Where does evolution say that tigers and banana trees evolved from a fish?

Finally, micro-evolution is part of evolution. So therefore evolution exists.