Thursday, June 26, 2008

E-mail From A Kent Hovind Supporter

This is an e-mail that I received today from a Kent Hovind supporter about a petition I created and evolution and faith.

I find your enthusiasm to keep a family man in jail for his tax evasion issue a sad commentary.... even for an atheist. I think your motivation is far more than what is purportedly your reason for this absurd petition. I believe it is simply a symptom of a problem.....your problem with the God of the Universe. You understand nothing of this man and the good he has done for many. Your reasoning is also vapid in discerning truth from error. You have a religion as well as Hovind. Faith in a fairy tale called evolution. This fairy tale taught as a fact, which is a boldfaced lie.. As a mathematician I can attest that that it is a mathematical impossibility for organic matter to arise from inorganic matter. An the most learned molecular biologists know as a fact. This lie of evolution is tenaciously clung to by many due to the fact they have an issue with God and cannot face the truth scientifically. The evolutionary model does not even fall into scientific basic rules.....such as repeatable results! Come on get off this ridiculous idea of attempting to prolong this mans incarceration for your own bone to pick with the Author of Life! I am truly hoping you repent of this abberant behavior . What if it was you! Ever made a mistake? Think about it........

My response:


I am disturbed that Hovind and his supporters do not accept the conviction and that he broke the law. The petition was to show that people will not tolerate this.

My problem is not with God. I am agnostic, meaning I do not know if there is a god.

I have read what Hovind has done and it is not "good." Sure, love the sinner, hate the sin. But, if one does not repent for his failures and crimes, then how is this good? I am working on web site to show how hypocritical some Christians are, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, etc.

Evolution is not religion, I have repeated several times on blogs. Evolution does not have adherents. Evolution is fact and does not require a god nor does it rule one out.

You say that it is impossible for organic matter to come from non-organic matter? Does not the Bible say that humans were created from dirt?

It seems to me, that you have problem with reality. Show me evidence of how evolution is wrong and will show you how you are incorrect.

Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing and please do the research.


Corey Schlueter

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