Thursday, August 24, 2006

Condemn Clinton, Ignore Sex Abuse

Rev. Gerard Bergie, the auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Hamilton, says Clinton is an inappropriate guest speaker for the Catholic Family Counselling Centre in Kitchener and is urging Catholics to boycott an upcoming fundraiser and is urging Catholics to boycott it. He says that Clinton's support for abortion, his marital infidelity and promotion of condom use to prevent the spread of AIDS go against Catholic Church doctrine and claims that he has received complaints from Catholics across the country.

Cathy Brothers, a spokeswoman for the centre, said it is a non-denominational agency and that the fundraiser is "not about our Catholicism."

Of course, the problem is, that Catholicism includes Protestants such as Lutherans and Anglicans. That is why they should be called "Roman" Catholics.

Then, there is Bishop Bergie condemning Clinton, yet ignoring the sex abuse scandal that is plaguing the Roman Catholic church including a recent guilty plea from a Chatham, Ontario, priest last month. There is a request from victims to have that priest defrocked. The Bishop Bergie has made no comment on this issue ignoring his own church problems.

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