Friday, August 25, 2006

Daily Creationism Gone

On a post from my other blog, I noted the return of The Daily Creationism. After only one post on the subject, Big Bang Myth is shutting it down, apparently to work on an online Christian radio program.

Several months ago, someone questioned whether a sloth could have got to Noah's ark when it travels so slowly and Big Bang Myth said that God brought the sloth to the ark. So I asked how the sloth got off the ark and travelled all the way to South America. The next day, the blog was completely deleted.

On his new post, he refers to the belief that Noah took only one dog on his ark to represent the "kind." I asked how the variety of dogs come about in such a short time. After several weeks, now, he has decided to that he cannot talk now. I guess I scared him off with my logic.

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